Brenda Gandini surprised with an anti-cold checkerboard look

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The change of season is the ideal time to be alert for new trends. The famous of the local terrain have already been preparing for the cold and shared their chosen ones for the winter on their social networks. From the puffer jackets, of which Juliet Nair Bald she’s a fan, even the coats teddy bear that they carry Candelaria Tinelli and Stefi Roitman, the options are limitless when it comes to combining colors, prints and textures.

Now, Brenda Gandini surprised with a winter look that added one trend after another. On her Instagram account, where she is followed by more than 800,000 users who are inspired by her fashionista looks, she shared a postcard that showed her allied clothes for the cold. The model wore a checkerboard printed jumpsuit, a design that is booming internationally. The model of the garment also responds to one of the latest fashion phenomena: chose a polo version, which consists of a zip-up shirt collar.

As for the colors, got on the trend for earth tones, which was all the rage in the European winter both in coats, pants and shirts, as well as in footwear and handbags. He topped off the look with a pair of sunglasses that accompanied the chromatic style of their look. With dark brown lenses and frame in a few shades lighter, the square format with a sieve vintage it is trend. It seems that Brenda is a fan of sunglasses and passed on the love for this accessory to her daughter Alfonsina: recently, both posed funny with their glasses.

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The actress posed with her characteristic blonde hair gathered in a loose bun and her straight bangs blowing in the wind framed her face. With a couple of bunches of grapes in his hands and the glasses slightly below his eyes, he looked at the camera with a gesture of bewilderment, and the text that accompanied the image made reference to his expression. “When they tell you that cold is psychological,” he wrote.

What’s more, added to the post a funny meme that compared the current temperature to how cold Leo DiCaprio’s character suffered in Titanic. Immediately, Brenda’s followers gave the go-ahead to the post, which in a few hours obtained thousands of likes and smiling faces in the comments, as a celebration for her joke.

Although it seems that winter is not the blonde’s favorite season, her outfits are certainly up to the task and she knows how to adopt trends in her looks. Did you like his chosen ones?

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