Brexit: British mobile operator charges roaming charges again

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Actually, they had already been abolished, but Brexit will bring them back: The British mobile operator EE is reintroducing roaming charges. As the company announced on Thursday, contracts concluded from July 7th will incur charges for calls, SMS and data usage in other European countries. From January 2022, affected British EE customers will have to pay two pounds (2.33 euros) per day if they want to use their mobile phones in EU countries and some other European countries. This makes EE the first UK mobile operator to reintroduce the charges.

Roaming charges within the EU were abolished in 2017. Since then, European mobile phone users have been able to make phone calls or surf the web while on vacation largely without worry. Until recently, this also applied to the United Kingdom, which de facto followed the rules of the union of states until the beginning of this year. But that is over now. So far it had looked as if the major mobile operators in the UK would continue to voluntarily waive the fees. It is unclear whether other providers will follow the example of EE.


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