“Brian Cox: Not Holding Onto Roles, Admits to Not Seeing Ending”

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Succession is a hit series on HBO that has become one of the most successful and appreciated shows since its first season. The series, created by Jesse Armstrong, follows the Roy family, a wealthy clan from the world of communications and entertainment as they navigate the search for a successor to their aging patriarch. In the show, toxic family dynamics, conflicts, and hypocrisies add to the drama. Brian Cox plays Logan Roy, the family leader and an aggressive, controlling father who does not think any of his children are truly worthy to stay in his place.

Despite the series finale receiving praise worldwide, Brian Cox, who plays Logan Roy on the show, has not yet seen the end of Succession. In an interview with the BBC (via Insider), the actor explained his decision to skip the last chapter, saying, “I have never liked seeing myself. One way or another, because of what happened to Logan, I haven’t been willing to watch.”

The role of Logan Roy is one of the most interesting ones on the small screen as he is both the villain of the series and a figure that his children could not shake even after he died. Cox’s portrayal of the patriarch is also one of the most compelling performances in the series, earning him praise and recognition for his acting skills.

Overall, Succession is a black comedy and melodrama story that portrays well how a toxic family works. The series’ success lies in how well it portrays family problems of this type and the style of comedy it uses to criticize people with excessive power.

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