Brian May’s Regret: Missed Opportunity to Collaborate with John Lennon

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Brian May Regrets Not Collaborating with John Lennon

Brian May, the 75-year-old musician known for his time as the guitarist and composer of Queen, has recently reflected on his career and expressed regret for missed opportunities. In a recent interview with The Guardian, May revealed that one of his biggest regrets is not having the chance to collaborate with John Lennon.

During Lennon’s time with the Beatles, it would have been nearly impossible for May to work with him due to the band’s worldwide success and demanding schedule. However, May believes that he should have pursued a collaboration with Lennon during his solo career.

May drew parallels between the conflicts within the Beatles and the creative differences experienced by the four members of Queen, including Roger Taylor and John Deacon. Despite the tensions and challenges, May believes that a collaboration with Lennon could have been successful.

May also expressed his admiration for the Beatles and their incredible creativity during their prime. He revealed that he would have loved to be a part of the iconic band, but fate led him down a different path with Queen.

Reflecting on the documentary ‘Get Back’ which delves into the Beatles’ history, May felt a sense of sadness. The documentary reminded him of the difficult studio sessions he experienced with Queen, where they often faced challenges and doubts. However, he also acknowledged that, like the Beatles, Queen managed to overcome these obstacles and find success.

In conclusion, Brian May looks back on his career with a sense of regret for not collaborating with John Lennon but also recognizes the challenges and triumphs he experienced with Queen. Despite his longing to be a part of the Beatles, May found his own path to success and left an indelible mark on the music industry.

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