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Bride Realizes on Wedding Day They Never Got a Marriage License

Bride Realizes on Wedding Day They Never Got a Marriage License

A bride went viral when she remembered — on her wedding day — that she and the groom forgot to pick up their marriage license.

In a viral video posted by bridal makeup artist @kendrakbeauty on TikTok, the bride she’s doing makeup for suddenly realizes her marriage isn’t exactly legal yet.

The video shows the panicked bride grabbing her phone and immediately dialing the groom as someone informs her, “You both have to go. You both have to be there together.”

“Like after, or before?” the bride asks.

“Before,” someone responds.

“Austin? Not to yell at you already… We were supposed to go to the courthouse together and get the marriage license. We’re not going to be legally married today,” the bride tells her groom over the phone.

“I told you. I literally told you,” she adds, before shaking her head and hanging up.

Users commented on the hilarious mix-up.

“I’m an officiant. The amount of times that I’ve had to sign the marriage license late because they forgot it is crazy. No need to stress. You’re good. Celebrate the date and now you have a fun story,” one person wrote.

“My parents’ officiant forgot to mail in their marriage license after he signed it. They found out thirty years later that they were never actually married,” another user shared.

“‘Not to yell at you already’ … I’m deceased,” someone else commented.

In a separate video, the makeup artist shared an update revealing the bride and groom “lived happily ever after.”

Source: Newsbreak