Bridgerton announced that the second season on Netflix is ​​closer than ever

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The second season of Bridgerton is coming! The famous Netflix series will return to work after the forced break it had due to the coronavirus. The news is good because at the moment no delays with its release date are expected. When do the new episodes arrive? Look.

The production created by Shonda Rhimes It had already delayed its filming in January due to the confinement measures in the United Kingdom. When the situation improved in May, the artists returned to performing under strict protocols of care. Despite prevention measuresOn July 16, the series reported that it would be unemployed for 15 days because a member of the team had tested positive.

After that period, Variety confirmed that filming work was resumed in London after the suspension of activities produced by the Covid-19 cases. “We are on our way again. We had to be delayed due to COVID, but we are back “, warned showrunner Chris Van Dusen.

“We pick up Anthony after seeing what happened to his lover. You’re thinking, ‘Was that love?’ Some would call it that, some would not. We are exploring those concepts of duty and honor once again. “He added about the new chapters that are getting closer to seeing the light.

Van Dusen also touched on the pressure of having to repeat the success of the first season. “There has always been a pressure with this show from the very beginning, to be inspired by these beloved novels with fans who are so passionate and so passionate about these characters and these stories. There has always been a healthy pressure there, I welcome it and say “Let the pressure continue. It worked during the first season and I hope people like this season and beyond as much as the first.”, he concluded.

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When does the second season of Bridgerton premiere on Netflix?

The good news is that Bridgerton did not announce delays in their release dates and everything is on track for the brand-new episodes to premiere. The designated time for launch is early 2022. The series will not stop working because it has already confirmed its third and fourth seasons.


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