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Bridgerton Season 2 Teaser: Season 2 Is Hot

Who wishes that today would already be march 25th? Of course, once, because then maybe spring feelings finally arise out there in terms of weather… but above all, of course, because then it finally says again: “Bridgerton”! Ahhhh, we are SO much looking forward to the second season. Since this week definitely a bit more. Because finally there is a first teaser trailer for the sequel – and despite its just under 50 seconds, it makes it wonderfully clear that a lot of passion and scandals are waiting for us. And that Anthony Bridgerton with his little triangular drama Lady Whistledown safe will give plenty of material for writing. We just reported that Season 2 will be wild – even animalistic – and well, the teaser clip now confirms in any case that it will definitely be hot in “Bridgerton” 2.

Because we remember: Anthony stands between two women, the sisters Edwina and Kate. Edwina is the actually perfect woman for him as Viscount. Kate challenges him and awakens the fire in him. A decision between head and heart. Soooooooo, and we see a bit of that fire in the trailer as well. And of course, the net can’t stop talking about it. To all dear bosses out there, so briefly the official explanation, if your employees should somehow stare dreamily into the void all the time: They are probably thinking about it:

Anthony and Kate are getting closer

And then there are these two short but very hot, deep sequences between Anthony and Kate… which are making the net sweat right now. By the way, a Twitter user briefly threw the argument into the round, whether it could also be Edwina, but never, right?! That’s safe Kate if you ask us. And it also speaks for the fact that Anthony just decides for the heart and indulges in his feelings and attraction to Kate. And we mean, this attraction is definitely on point. 💥 Or as one fan wrote: “Stop, stop stop! I’m not ready. This is hot!” Jepp…

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