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Bridgerton was overshadowed by an Amazon Prime series

When Bridgerton premiered on Netflix, not even the producers themselves would have imagined such success: in just 28 days it garnered 82 million viewings, thus surpassing major productions such as The Witcher. Based on the novels by Julia Quinn, this strip is about to premiere its second season, which will have Jonathan Bailey as the exclusive protagonist.

It was two months ago when the production confirmed the start of filming for the new edition of Bridgerton at the same time in which they gave a joy to the fans: they made it clear that there will be two more seasons, that is, there will be four parts of this story. However, a few weeks ago, the entire cast had to interrupt their work for a COVID 19 positive on the set.

And, despite the fact that everyone is already filming again after the harsh confinement to which they were forced to comply, in that interim, Amazon Prime premiered a series that could completely destroy this production of Shonda Rhimes. Is about The Pursuit of Love, which originally belonged to the BBC, but now the streaming platform took over the rights and is the full owner of it.

Set in the time before World War II, that is, in 1920, more than 100 years after Bridgerton, this strip tells the story of two young people, Linda Radlett (Lily James) and Fanny Logan (Emily Beecham) who, in addition to being cousins ​​and being united by the family bond, coincide in their desire to live and challenge what is expected of them in the twenties. Likewise, both are witnesses of how their lives are separated when they decide to seek the ultimate love with their different interests: solidity for one and perfection for the other.

But, although The Pursuit of Love It is not quite the same as the Netflix strip, many fans have found certain similarities at the same time that the media and specialized critics were in charge of promoting it as the ideal series before the second season of Bridgerton. What’s more, Richard Roeper of The Chicago Sun Times described it as the perfect pre-meal pre-meal snack.

The Pursuit of Love is a delicious, albeit minor, snack that will at least appease the appetites of the legions of Bridgerton fans awaiting season 2.”Were his exact words to which those of a Variety critic were later added. “Those looking forward to the second season of Bridgerton are the type to get carried away by a new offer on a socialite heroine in love.”, Said the specialist of the aforementioned website.

The exact numbers that this fiction had at the time of its premiere are still unknown or if it has surpassed the Netflix production in viewings, but there is one thing that is certain: fans of the period series will be delighted with The Pursuit of Love. Of course, this mini-series, which only has three episodes, is likely to be completely overshadowed when, finally, Shonda Rhimes launches the long-awaited second edition.

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