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“Brie Larson Aims to Extend the Saga with a Women-Centric Spin-off”

Fast and Furious fans, get ready for something new and exciting as Brie Larson wants to expand the saga with a women’s spin-off. Despite its most dramatic and exaggerated moments, the Fast and Furious saga remains quite successful among the public’s taste.

Fast And Furious 10 will be something like the beginning of the end and will bring back the well-known team and new characters, like the one played by Brie Larson, who has been a fan of the saga for years and hopes to expand the treatment with a film focused on the women of history.

Vin Diesel, believes that Fast and Furious is “The Lord of the Rings of action cinema,” among so many bombs, persecutions, and violent encounters. Initially, the movies were primarily about an undercover cop who had to stop a ring of thieves who liked to do underground racing.

The production company decided to look for a new starting point after the lukewarm reception of Faster More Furious and Fast and Furious: Tokyo Challenge in which its scenario of illegal activity was very common at that time. With Vin Diesel taking more creative control, the saga became one more story close to the spy genre with lots and lots of action with little or no sense.

However, the public was fascinated by this ridiculousness and the fans wanted to know how they would manage to overcome themselves with the next installment in turn. Walker’s death did not prevent them from continuing to find ways to continue with the plot and even bring his character back through tricks and increasingly updated CGI.

Several performers have found themselves part of this franchise, while some quickly got over it by finding something more relevant for others it is still a great excuse to participate in action scenes and car races, as it happens with Jason Statham, John Cena, Charlize Theron and even Jason Momoa, who joins the cast in this tenth installment as the most dangerous villain they will have to face.

But the heroines will also have new and important allies that will make the difference when the critical moment arrives, and the character of Brie Larson seems to be one of the most interesting elements. Until recently, the role of the actress remained a secret, but during an interview, she confirmed the rumors that she would give life to Tess, the daughter of Mr. Nobody, played in the films by Kurt Russell.

Brie Larson had openly fought to get into the series because she is a huge fan, and she fulfilled her dream when Vin Diesel publicly welcomed her into her famous family. Larson envisions other spin-offs for Fast & Furious, and her colleagues are rooting for her. Tonight, the also star of The Marvels did not hesitate to clarify that they are all excited because there are more and more women in the saga.

Rodriguez supported the idea, and Jordana Brewster added that she would like to see Charlize Theron, Michelle, and Natalie Emmanuel and Brie Larson kick ass together! Even Charlize Theron said that the idea was a good one, especially since the women involved in the franchise have struggled behind the scenes to bring in more female talent.

For his part, Rodriguez assures that a film of this type starring women would be very important in Hollywood because he believes that there really are no good proposals of the style. Fast and Furious 10 will show us an important turn for what is believed to be the definitive closure of the main line of the franchise, but with a possible sequel to Fast and Furious: Hobbs & Shaw, it is certain that we will have more of this history and the production company could well listen to its actresses for a new exclusive branch of women.

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