Brief information: accident statistics, VulcanForged, Siberia, astronauts

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According to an estimate by the Federal Statistical Office, the number of fatalities in road traffic is likely to decrease by around 10 percent to 2,450 in 2021. That would be the lowest level since the statistics began more than 65 years ago, as announced by the Federal Office in Wiesbaden. The basis for the estimate is the data available to date for the period from January to September 2021. “The declines are largely due to the significantly lower traffic volume as a result of the corona pandemic,” explained the Federal Office.

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Once again, in a successful cyber attack on a company from the crypto money ecosystem, digital money worth millions was tapped. This time it hit the company VulcanForged, which is committed to the “development of blockchain games on a world-class level”. The company admitted on Twitter that unknown attackers had succeeded in gaining access data for almost 100 wallets and using it to steal 4.5 million PYR of the company’s own cryptocurrency. They came to a total value of about 135 million US dollars, reports the US magazine Vice. VulcanForged promised to replace those affected with their crypto money.

Brief information: accident statistics, VulcanForged, Siberia, astronauts

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Never before has the World Weather Organization (WMO) had so many temperature records to review as it currently does. The WMO has now completed a procedure and recognized the 38 ° C recorded on June 20, 2020 in the Siberian Verkhoyansk as the highest level. So it was warm on June day like never before north of the Arctic Circle. The extremes measured and reported are only small excerpts from climate change, writes the WMO. Overall, however, there is clearly a warming of the whole of Siberia.

From the turn of the year, private astronauts will no longer receive golden wings from the US aviation authority (FAA). Instead, the people should be recognized by an entry on the FAA website. The Commercial Space Astronaut Wings should only be attached to the lapel of those who travel from the USA to space this year. The award was introduced in 2004 at the instigation of then FAA official Patti Grace Smith to draw more attention to private space projects.

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