Brief information: climate change, Monterey, sustainability, Roblox

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According to preliminary measurements, the year 2021 was not quite as hot as the past three years. But that does not change the long-term trend of significant warming. The year is likely to be one of the seven warmest in recent history, all since 2015. This was reported by the World Weather Organization WMO at the start of the World Climate Conference in Glasgow. The WMO refers to the devastating consequences of global warming: Droughts and floods cause millions of people to lose their crops and thus their livelihoods. The number of starving people is increasing. Millions of people are being displaced from inhospitable areas.

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Users of macOS 12 aka Monterey complain of problems with some docks and hubs that are used for port expansion. Among other things, the power supply via USB-C is affected. There are supposed to be individual hubs that no longer deliver juice under macOS 12. Apple is currently working on macOS 12.1, the first major update for Monterey. It is still unclear whether this will solve the problems. Users who are urgently dependent on their USB 3.0 ports can currently only refrain from upgrading to macOS 12 and continue to rely on the working macOS 11 alias Big Sur.

Brief information: climate change, Monterey, sustainability, Roblox

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Almost every third consumer in Germany is willing to pay a premium for sustainable products or services. This is the result of a current survey by the management consultancy Simon-Kucher & Partners. Especially younger people would therefore let their good conscience cost something. The survey showed that sustainability often influences purchasing decisions, particularly when it comes to energy and supply, construction and house, as well as travel and tourism, but also when it comes to consumer goods.

After days of failure, the Roblox gaming platform is online again. Since Thursday evening, many users have no longer been able to connect to the platform. Children and young people in particular play other people’s games there or create them themselves. According to Roblox, a hard-to-find bug caused problems in communication between backend servers, which prevented many services from communicating efficiently with one another. After optimizing performance, reconfiguring and reducing the load, Roblox was fully restored on Sunday.

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