Brief information: Energiewende, BKG, FBI, autonomous trains

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Consumer advocates demand a fair distribution of the loads in the planned faster energy transition. The CO₂ price on heating oil, natural gas or fuel is correct in principle, said the head of the Federation of German Consumer Organizations, Klaus Müller, of the dpa. However, all of the income would have to flow back to the consumer, for example as a climate check. The bottom line is that those who cause less carbon dioxide would have more money. In the long term, the energy transition is a “huge opportunity” for consumers. With a high proportion of green electricity, less expensive gas and oil have to be imported.

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The Bavarian hospital company BKG has become a victim of cyber criminals. The BKG’s email server was infected with malware on Monday, a spokesman said. As a result, messages with email signatures were sent by employees of the hospital company. Criminals tried to gain access to computer systems in this way. The background to the attack is still unclear. It is also unclear whether the BKG was deliberately attacked. It is possible that she was accidentally the victim of a broad-based hacker attack.

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Thanks to a request for freedom of information, a list has become public in the USA, which shows which data law enforcement officers there can get their hands on from which messenger. A total of nine apps are listed, only Facebook Messenger is missing from the most popular. Due to the widespread use of end-to-end encryption, the majority of the FBI and other law enforcement officers do not have access to the content, but there are exceptions. You can read the most important information about every messenger on heise online.

Japan’s rail companies are addressing labor shortages with new driverless train initiatives. Now the rail company JR East has presented the capabilities of an autonomous super-express train Shinkansen, reports Technology Review. The train of the double-decker E7 series stopped at the platform with an accuracy of eight centimeters. The railway company JR West has also been testing automated trains on the ring line in the metropolis of Osaka, one of the city’s main arteries, since last year. The Tobu rail line, which connects Tokyo with some rural suburbs, has announced initial tests for the coming year to “ensure sustainable rail operations.”

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