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In the two months leading up to the federal election, voters can now interview more than 2500 direct candidates from all constituencies online. To this end, the organization has started a corresponding question portal. There is also information on the right to vote and the election programs of the individual parties. There should also be a “personal candidate check” three to four weeks before the vote. Similar to “Wahl-o-Mat”, users can then compare their own opinion with the attitude of the constituency applicants on 24 political theses.

With many of Deutsche Telekom’s landline connections, there were sometimes major problems on Thursday morning. Services from Microsoft and Webex from Cisco were also affected. Another case of BGP hijacking was apparently responsible for the problems. Providers advertise IP address blocks as their own, which do not even belong to them. As a result, the traffic directed to the addresses is redirected to the actual destination. In the current case, a Bulgarian provider was probably responsible, as initial analyzes suggest.

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A law in the Iranian parliament for even more internet censorship has triggered an unprecedented wave of protests in the country and also at management level. Even Education Minister Abbas Salehi and the communications ministry, which is actually responsible for the Internet, reacted indignantly to the parliamentary decision. Officially, the law is about the supervision and creation of Iranian alternatives to popular online services. However, critics fear that many platforms will be paralyzed. In addition, according to the law, all internet users are to be registered and all VPN apps that can be used to gain access to unauthorized websites via data tunnels in Iran are to be banned.

The two asteroids Pompeja and Justitia orbit the sun in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. Now there are indications that they originally came from the edge of the solar system. This is the conclusion reached by a research group from the Japanese space agency JAXA, which analyzed the color of the objects. Both are therefore significantly redder than all other large celestial bodies in the region and are more similar to trans-Neptunian objects. If this suspicion is confirmed, the asteroids would be particularly exciting targets for research probes, as they would require significantly less flight time than in the Kuiper Belt.

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