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Samsung’s new Galaxy smartwatches are no longer compatible with the iPhone: The models in the Galaxy Watch 4 series can only be paired with Android devices, and there is no iOS support. Samsung does not give a reason for the change. The Wear OS, developed in cooperation with Google, runs on the Galaxy Watch 4, in which Samsung’s in-house operating system Tizen is integrated. Samsung presented the new Galaxy Watch 4 on Wednesday. It remains to be seen whether the manufacturer will respond to a lack of demand from iPhone owners by discontinuing iOS support.

The development of the software for the introduction of the basic pension caused significantly more effort than planned. The German pension insurance had to spend 12,435 “person days” for this, as can be seen from an internal document from the end of July, which c’t is available. In an initial estimate as part of the legislative process, the German Pension Insurance had assumed around 7,000 person-days. According to the internal document, the increase is due to “intensive test procedures” as well as to changes “to remedy errors that prevent deployment”.

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With the DigitalPact, the federal government supports the digitization of school lessons. In North Rhine-Westphalia, almost 100 percent of the funds for school and teacher equipment are paid out. Support for IT administrators is faltering, as statistics from the state government show. Very few school authorities have received a permit, and so far nothing has been paid out. Only the municipality of Kirchlengern in the Herford district received low administrative funds – around 1,800 of a total of 24,000 euros applied for. When the new school year begins next week, the administration of the school IT will continue to depend on the goodwill of individual committed teachers.

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Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates wants to contribute 1.5 billion US dollars to the reduction of CO2 emissions in the USA through his Breakthrough Energy fund. He makes it a condition that the US parliament approves a program of US President Joe Biden, in which technology to reduce emissions are promoted. That reports that Wall Street Journal. A total of 100 billion US dollars is earmarked for combating climate change in the package. The approval of the House of Representatives is still pending.

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