Briefly informed: coalition agreement, bargains, Star Trek Discovery

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Business associations and environmentalists are divided on whether the coalition agreement between the SPD, the Greens and the FDP, presented on Wednesday, can cope with digitization and decarbonization. “In terms of digitization, the coalition agreement falls somewhat short of the high demands of the exploratory paper,” says Achim Berg, President of the IT association Bitkom. Nevertheless, he recognizes “an abundance of good approaches to make Germany fit for the digital world”. Several environmental organizations criticized the paper as inadequate. Fridays for Future complained that it was “not enough to comply with the 1.5 degree limit.” Greenpeace and the Green Youth are also dissatisfied. The announced traffic turnaround is missing. “At first glance, the coalition agreement is encouraging,” emphasizes Markus Beeko, Secretary General of Amnesty International in Germany. The traffic light puts a focus on human rights, for example in digitization, artificial intelligence and with the call for “international law of the network”. The required surveillance accounting could bring “protection against disproportionate government” spying.

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The Federal Network Agency has warned of dangerous products that are purchased in the run-up to Christmas, especially when shopping online. Online retailers in particular are still finding ways to “circumvent European regulations”. What at first glance looks like a very inexpensive bargain is in reality often an inferior product that can cause radio interference, does not keep the promised quality or could endanger people’s health, for example through electric shocks. Defective devices are currently particularly common in USB battery chargers and action cameras. A warning sign is when the price is no longer plausible compared to competitors.

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Briefly informed: coalition agreement, bargains, Star Trek Discovery

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The new season of the sci-fi series “Star Trek Discovery” can now be seen in Germany, Austria and Switzerland: Season 4 will be shown every Friday at 9 pm on the streaming service Pluto TV, announced ViacomCBS. Repetitions of the episodes are shown at the same time on Saturdays and Sundays. However, there is no way to watch season 4 on demand as on-demand video. On November 26th, the broadcast will begin once in a double episode.

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