Briefly informed: Distance learning, iCloud, Amazon, Firefox

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An overview work gave the distance learning a bad report during the Corona crisis. Researchers at the Frankfurt Goethe University looked at data from all over the world – the result is sobering: “The average development of skills during school closings in spring 2020 can be described as stagnation with a tendency towards loss of skills and is therefore within the range of the effects of summer holidays”, explained Prof. Andreas Frey, one of the authors of the study. The loss of skills among children and adolescents from poor parental homes is particularly severe. However, there are also initial indications that the effects of the later school closings from winter do not necessarily have to be just as drastic: In the meantime, online teaching has improved in many places.

Apple’s backups in the iCloud are convenient: They are made automatically and, among other things, allow you to easily switch to a new device and copy the old data to it. The problem: Such backups are by no means safe forever and Apple does not warn of them when they are about to be deleted. Because Apple automatically deletes iCloud backups after 180 days if you don’t use the backup function. There are currently only two solutions to the problem: You can make backups again in the 180 days or you can use the option of performing a local backup.

Our weekday news podcast delivers the most important news of the day compressed to 2 minutes. If you use voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, you can also hear or see the news there. Simply activate the skill on Alexa or say to the Google Assistant: “Play heise top”.

The Verdi union has called on the workers in seven German shipping centers of the US group Amazon to stop working from Monday to Wednesday. The occasion is the company’s so-called “Prime Day” on June 21 and 22, when it advertises with special offers. The union has been criticizing Amazon for years for rejecting collective agreements. She calls for the recognition of the collective agreements for the retail and mail order business as well as negotiations on a collective agreement for “good and healthy work”.

Firefox gets new places for advertising. The ads called Sponsored Shortcuts or Sponsored Tiles appear on the home page when you open a new tab. It is still an experimental function that can also be switched off. Individual tiles can also be deleted. Behind the three-point menu in the top right corner are the options to remove the ad, open it in a new window or a new, private window and learn more about the sponsor and your own privacy.

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