Briefly informed: GDPR certificate, Monterey, 5G, Solar-Orbiter

Five years after the GDPR was passed in the European Parliament, the first certification of digital products and services in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is expected in the coming year. Sebastian Meissner, managing director of the Bonn data protection certifier Europrise, told heise online that the reason for the unexpectedly long delay was that it had to be determined for the first time which requirements a certification body had to meet. The Essen-based TÜV Informationstechnik GmbH is also in the starting blocks. She advertises to her customers that “a certificate can be a competitive advantage, especially with regard to the acquisition of new customers”. It aims to be able to offer GDPR certification for data processing through information processing services.

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In addition to the adapted mouse pointer, the Finder search, the control center and FaceTime can also lead to extremely high RAM usage in macOS Monterey. Every search process in Apple’s file manager Finder leads to the fact that it requires up to several hundred Mbytes of RAM and then does not release it again, report users. The usage of the main memory and the memory pressure can be checked in the “Activity Monitor”, the software is preinstalled in the folder Utilities.

Telekom wants to supplement its hybrid MagentaZuhause tariff, which was previously limited to LTE, with 5G and is expanding its current test for this purpose. By bundling the fourth and fifth generation of the mobile radio standard, the connection should have more bandwidth for downloading and uploading and should also be faster with increased data load. The extended test phase is planned until August 31, 2022.

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The ESA’s Solar Orbiter survived its last flyby of Earth unscathed and is on its way back into the interior of the solar system. The European Space Agency announced this on Twitter. The ESA has long been warning of the growing risk for space travel as a whole from more and more space junk. Most recently, a Russian test of an anti-satellite weapon created hundreds of new debris.

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