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Brisbane to host 2032 Olympics

(PREVIEW) International Olympic Committee has confirmed that the Australian city of Brisbane will be the headquarters of the Olympic Games to be held in the year 2032.

Brisbane, the only candidate in the running, received this Wednesday the organization of the 2032 Summer Games, allowing the Olympic world to prepare for the future two days after the opening of the Tokyo Games, so tumultuous for the Japanese city that they could have been decisive in discouraging other candidates.

With hardly any emotion, as it was an expected decision, it has been confirmed that it has been Brisbane the candidature chosen by the members of the IOC. The city of Australia will take over from Paris 2024 Y Los Angeles 2028.

Never before ones Olympic Games they had been entrusted eleven years in advance and without competition, when the struggle between candidate countries has been titanic for decades. But the capital of the state of Queensland has taken advantage of a new procedure introduced in 2019, which ensures the organization of the Games.

In this way, the International Olympic Committee can now initiate a “dialogue” with a “preferential” candidate, which is equivalent to clearing her path to her official appointment, with the aim of reducing the growing reluctance to organize the Games, reduce expenses and avoid wars between cities that be willing to be organizers.

In this way we say goodbye to the costly work of lobbying, to the scandals of vote buying, to the delegations holding their breath, to the hugs and tears broadcast to the whole world in those galas in which only one city smiled .

Therefore, Olympic Games they will return to Australia 32 years later after the 2000 edition that was held in Sidney. Prime Minister Scott Morrison has stressed that the country is “a huge Olympic village” with its multiple nationalities, ethnic origins and all its spoken languages.

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