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Britney Spears: a timeline from her musical heyday to strict guardianship

Before coming to Disney, Britney Spears she was just a girl from a small town in America. After taking singing lessons she was discovered and fame came to her doors: turned into a teenage star she always lived in the public eye, but in 2008 her life changed completely and a strict guardianship it has ruled every aspect of his life up to now.

Then a case timeline of the singer to understand the origin of the legal instrument, what it covers, how it changed her life and if she could get rid of it. It all started in 2007 When she went into rehab several times, she shaved her hair amid paparazzi harassment and lost custody of her two children.

That same year she starred in one of the best-known episodes in pop culture when she was tired of being harassed by photographers. attacked a paparazzi car with an umbrella in the hand. The photos and videos went around the world and her mental health began to be discussed. Later, he performed at the MTV Video Music Awards, raising concerns about his erratic behavior.

In 2008 Britney Spears was hospitalized on several occasions for psychiatric reasons and her father Jamie Spears He submitted her to judicial protection, assuming, together with a lawyer, control of her personal and business affairs. To this day the state of his mental health is unknown and the judge’s evaluation criteria to approve the guardianship.

In 2011 the star released her seventh studio album. In 2012 he participated in the American version of the television talent show “The X Factor” and in 2013 he arrived to begin a residency in Las Vegas that lasted for two years. In 2018 he last performed in public for the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Austin, Texas.

In 2019 He announced the pause of the residency claiming concern for his father’s health and entered a mental health center. The movement #FreeBritney He got up with followers of the star who believe that she is being held against her will under the tutelage of her father and make the case visible. In 2020 a lawyer for Britney Spears requested to replace the singer’s father as guardian.

In April of this year singer The 39-year-old asked, through his lawyer, the judge in charge of the case to personally address the court in charge of his guardianship, but no reasons are given. The highest authority set for this Wednesday, June 23, the appearance of Britney in a historical moment of her case that is closely followed by her fans.


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