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Britney Spears Believes Ex Paul Soliz Used Her; Brother Bryan Moves In

Britney Spears Believes Ex Paul Soliz Used Her; Brother Bryan Moves In
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Brittney Spears and Paul Soliz ended their relationship nearly a month ago after she realized he was taking advantage of her fame, and Spears now has a new roommate.

According to sources close to the situation, the split occurred about three weeks ago when Britney discovered that Paul, a former maintenance worker turned boyfriend, was merely using her to enjoy a lavish lifestyle.

This aligns with what Britney hinted at in her recent Instagram post, where she lashed out at Paul and declared herself “single as f***.”

In that post, Britney accused Paul of allowing paparazzi to get a photo of them in her car, rolling down the passenger window for a clear shot of her crying while in the passenger seat—only to then play the victim.

Sources indicate that Britney now believes Paul was with her solely for the attention.

The couple even traveled to Las Vegas and stayed at the luxurious Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood, only to end up having heated arguments at both celebrity hotspots.

Paul is now unwelcome in Britney’s gated community, and sources say she has informed the security guards that he is off the entry list.

In the aftermath of the breakup, insiders reveal Britney has been reaching out to friends, sharing that she is not upset over the split and that it was her decision to end things with Paul.

Reportedly, Britney has been telling friends she’s relieved she finally saw Paul’s true intentions and decided to cut ties.

With Paul out of the picture, Britney is spending more time with her older brother, Bryan.

As previously reported, Britney and Bryan recently took trips to Cabo and Las Vegas, and sources say Bryan moved in with Britney around the time she parted ways with Paul.

While the timing of Bryan’s move is interesting, sources clarify it was not prompted by the breakup. Bryan had already been spending a lot of time bonding with Britney while living nearby, making it logical for them to live under the same roof.

Source: TMZ