Britney Spears heartfelt request to her conservative Jodi Montgomery amid her personal chaos

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People close to Britney Spears they are retiring. The singer’s manager, Larry Rudolph, who worked 25 years with the pop princess, and an independent financial firm have resigned. Furthermore, the court-appointed lawyer is reportedly resigning after his explosive court hearing on June 23. In the midst of all this controversy, many doubts have been raised about whether Jodi Montgomery will continue in her role as Britney Spears’ conservative.

To dispel doubts and rumors, Montgomery said: “Ms. Montgomery has no plans to resign as temporary conservator for Ms. Spears’s person. She remains committed to steadfastly supporting Ms. Spears in whatever way she can within the scope of her duties as the person’s caregiver. “. Attorney Lauriann Wright said in a statement to People: “Ms. Spears as recently as yesterday asked Ms. Montgomery to continue serving.”

Montgomery will continue to serve as curator for as long as the “Toxic” performer and the court so desire. After the revealing judicial testimony offered by the artist in court, where she accused her conservatives, her family and management team of “abusive” behavior, the former members of the Britney Spears They have resigned from their posts.

TMZ reported Tuesday that Spears’ court-appointed attorney, Sam Ingham, who has represented her since she was first placed under guardianship in 2008, was imminently attempting to file documents asking to be fired as her attorney. Meanwhile, the manager Larry Rudolph informed Spears’ conservatives Jodi Montgomery and Britney’s father on Monday, Jamie Spears, who would leave office.

“It has been more than two and a half years since Britney and I last contacted each other, at which point she informed me that she wanted to take an indefinite work break,” Rudolph said in a statement. “Earlier today, I realized that Britney had been expressing her intention to officially retire. And as her manager, I think it is in Britney’s best interest to resign from her team, as my professional services are no longer required. “


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