Britney Spears: Her father intends to collect $ 2 million before leaving her guardianship

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The way to regain your freedom will not be so easy for Britney Spears as everyone believed since Jamie Spears, the singer’s father, intends to collect around US $ 2 million in payments before giving up the guardianship that controls the life and money of the interpreter.

This has been assured by Mathew Rosengart, the star’s new lawyer in documents presented to the court, in which he states that the next scheduled accounting in the conservatorship case – which James Spears wants completed before he resigns – would mean large payments to him.

“Mr. Spears’s brazen attempt to trade the suspension and removal (of guardianship) in exchange for approximately $ 2 million in payments, in addition to those already harvested by him and his associates from Ms. Spears’s estate, has no chance of success “, said the lawyer.

“Britney Spears will not be extorted”added Rosengart in the papers he presented to the court as an annex to the petition he already made last July on behalf of the artist to get her father to stop being her guardian, which will be addressed at the hearing on September 29. . So far, Jamie Spears has not commented on the matter.

Recall that it has only been a month and a half that Mathew Rosengart practiced as Britney Spears’ lawyer after she could choose their own defender for the first time in 13 years, something that was interpreted as a first victory for the singer in the legal battle she has with her father.

From the first moment, the lawyer was willing to comply with the will of his client and after his election, he expressed on Twitter that both he and his team were moving “Quickly and aggressively to petition to remove Jamie Spears from guardianship, unless he voluntarily resigns earlier.”

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And that is what happened on August 12, when Jamie Spears communicated that he was agreeing to his daughter’s request to relinquish guardianship and that he intended to work with the court to ensure “An orderly transition to a new tutor.”

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