Britney Spears Nude: Check Britney Spears’ Most Naked Instagram Photos

Britney Spears‘ latest round of nude photos has her followers divided. Some say it’s a symbol of Britney celebrating her freedom, while others say it’s a sign that ending guardianship may have been a bad idea.

Britney posted 12 nude photos on Instagram on Monday, more revealing than other posts she had previously uploaded with the same tonic.

Photographer Matt Bernstein has been one of the proponents of publishing. “People forget that Britney was in prison designed by her father for the last 13 years. She misses the years when we were all terrible on Instagram and used those cheesy filters in the app. She feels herself. Let her be.”

The Toxic singer continued that trend on Monday when she posted a series of photos showing her posing head-on and completely naked, with heart emojis over her genitals and her hands protecting her modesty. In total, he shared three uploads with multiple images.

However, the posts were met with criticism from several Spears followers, alluding to her recently dissolved guardianship, when they wrote, “Beginning to think that those in control should perhaps have kept it.” Others were alarmed by the insinuations: “Anyone else here legitimately worried?”

Others call the criticism hypocritical and point to other celebrities who have done exactly the same thing. “So Kim Kardashian can do this but Britney Spears can’t? And do you want to call her crazy when she does the same thing other girls are doing all the time?”

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