Britney Spears to Publish Memoir After $15 Million Deal

Britney Spears

Britney Spears has reached a settlement that will receive $15 million for writing a memoir, in which she will reveal details of her music career and her contentious relationship with her family, including the 13-year legal guardianship with which her father had the power to control every aspect of her life.

According to Page Six, Spears, 40, reached the deal with publisher Simon & Schuster after a “war” of offers between several companies that wanted to get hold of the predictably lucrative deal.

The newspaper, citing a source close to the contract signed between the popular American singer and the publisher, says it is “one of the largest agreements ever signed” for a book, although behind some of the most important political figures in the country’s recent history.

Among them, Barack and Michelle Obama, who in 2017 received a total of about 60 million dollars for their books, the highest known works of non-fiction.

Another example is that of former US President Bill Clinton, who in 2001 reached an agreement to write his biography “My Life” for 15 million dollars.

The contract signed for Spears’ biography comes shortly after her sister, Jamie Lynn, with whom she has starred in notorious clashes on social networks, published in January “Things I Should Have Said”.

The head of “Toxic” harshly criticized that book on social networks: “I wish you submitted to a lie detector so that the masses could see that you lie blatantly!” wrote Britney Spears on her Instagram account, in which she accused her sister of being “making money” thanks to her and described her as “scum”.

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Spears, who recently got rid of legal guardianship after a long and controversial court process, has also threatened on social media to tell the secrets of her relatives: “May God take pity on the souls of my relatives if I ever do an interview.”

He had recently given indications on social media that he was writing his biography, with a photo of a typewriter accompanying the message “Do I start from the beginning????”

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