Britney Spears visits a bar for the first time in her life

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The singer Britney Spears has wanted to make her followers participate in an unprecedented moment in her life, or so she has assured at least she on her Instagram account.

The pop princess has visited a bar for the first time in her 40 years of existence, accompanied by her assistant and good friend Victoria Asher. Both have been able to enjoy delicious cocktails, which have turned out to be even tastier than expected for the American interpreter after being deprived of liberty for 13 years.

“I’m glad they took away 13 years of freedom so I could have a cocktail. I feel so lucky!” she wrote wryly in the description of the video, which portrays the two women having a great time in an establishment so surprising to the diva.

Last January, Britney confessed that she had had the opportunity to have her first glass of wine in just over 13 years. To liven up her home evening, the artist did not hesitate to play a danceable song by her friend and mentor Madonna while letting herself be carried away by her newly rediscovered disinhibitions.

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