Britney Spears will ask for her father to be removed from guardianship: how she got into this heartbreaking situation

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Britney Spears will ask for her father to be removed from guardianship: how she got into this heartbreaking situation

From being the Princess of Pop to not being able to dispose of her own goods. This is the sad story of Britney Spears that their 39 years It happened to be one of the cmost famous times from the world to get disabled for health problems. The heartbreaking situation may come to an end this Wednesday because The star will ask the Justice to remove his father’s guardianship so that he can live freely. Review everything that happened and how this harsh reality came to be!

Britney’s present is explained from her childhood: from the age of four, when she started working on Broadway, her life is run by her dad Jamie Spears. He manipulated his career down to the smallest detail to the point of change your tone of voice because she was too much like Christina Aguilera. For marketing and commercial purposes, the singer’s life was permanently typed for its environment, until one day it exploded.

Britney Spears in 2001 at the age of 20 (Getty)

When he was of age he tried to start a family and had two children, but it all fell apart in 2007. Being a world icon of music, she was besieged by the paparazzi and more after her conflictive divorce with Kevin Federline. This caused him public scandals with reporters, where the singer did not hesitate to attack them, umbrella in hand. The turning point came when he appeared on the cover of Daily News with the skinhead. That was a wake-up call for her environment that decided to intern her.

In time, the artist recovered, but her father asked to be cautious of his daughter because he considered that she was not in a position to lead an orderly life. Justice granted it in 2008 and since then the singer, who was already 27 years old, it cannot dispose of its own existence.

Britney Spears bald on the cover of Daily News

What does it mean for your father to have guardianship?

Among other things, you are not allowed to do the following without your dad’s permission: drive in a car, get married, have more children, spend your own money, dispose of your assets, see your children or leave your home. However, the singer wants to end this situation as soon as possible and That is why he appeared before the Justice.

Since 2014, your lawyer Samuel Ingham, insists on the revocation of guardianship. He even went so far as to say that his “client was afraid of her father”. It was leaked that the star only received a weekly pay of $ 2,000 when he starred in a fixed show that could mean millions.

Britney Spears in 2021

Britney Spears in June 2021 (@britneyspears)

In September 2019, Jamie left the conservatorship due to health problems and temporarily switched to a partner assistantl. Britney took advantage of this reality and in March 2020 launched a new offensive requesting that his father no longer have guardianship. In this way, a long trial began that today you will have a decisive hearing with Judge Brenda J. Penny.


#FreeBritney in London (Getty)

Britney’s harsh present was made public and there a social media campaign with the hashtag was born #FreeBritney. Her fans support her unconditionally and believe that she is apt to get her life back because she continued with her career. His last appearances were on Instagram, where she was seen dancing and in good physical condition. In addition, she is dating the actor and model Sam Asghari.


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