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Brittany and Patrick Mahomes' Instagram vs. Reality Moment at Wimbledon

Brittany and Patrick Mahomes’ Instagram vs. Reality Moment at Wimbledon

Maybe it was the intense tennis match or perhaps just an off day for Brittany and Patrick Mahomes when they looked unhappy at Wimbledon 2024. However, the couple certainly didn’t seem that way in the numerous photos of their European excursion.

The Mahomes family has taken a break from the football world to enjoy some vacation time across different parts of Europe. Their adventure began in Portugal, where Brittany shared snapshots of the family of four having a great time on the beach and at the golf course. The couple and their children were all smiles as they posed for pictures before moving on to the next leg of their vacation.

The businesswoman shared two posts of their time in Spain, where they took some much-needed relaxation time. Brittany proudly showed off her tiny bikini as the couple unwound. It even appears they managed to take a break from parenting duties. In one post, Brittany is seen posing in a cabana with her husband, looking madly in love. The two laid side by side with Patrick wrapping his arm around his wife. Brittany captioned the photos with “Marbella, Spain,” followed by emojis of heart eyes and a white heart.

London has been the family’s latest adventure. Despite the buzz surrounding Patrick and Brittany’s expressions at Wimbledon, the couple seems unbothered. Knowing Brittany, she will continue to post as if the awkward moment never took place.

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