“Bruce Willis’s Wife’s Emotional Last Minute Speech on the Actor’s Health”

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Emma Heming Gives Heartbreaking Update on Bruce Willis’ Health

Emma Heming has opened up about the current state of health of her husband, actor Bruce Willis, after his retirement from acting last year due to a disorder called aphasia. This disease affects his ability to speak and understand language, both spoken and written. Heming revealed that it was only months later that the final diagnosis of frontotemporal dementia was given.

Frontotemporal Dementia: A Complex Disease with No Treatment

Last February, Willis’ family officially announced that he is suffering from frontotemporal dementia, a complex disease with no treatment. Despite this, his loved ones still hold hope that research will develop something that can help.

A Loving Support System

Heming and Willis’ daughters, along with Willis’ ex-partner, Demi Moore, have formed a close-knit group to provide love and support for Willis. They have been by his side throughout his struggle, providing comfort and support in every way they can.

Make Time Wellness: Emma Heming’s New Project

Heming has created a new project called “Make Time Wellness,” which is dedicated to brain health in female wellness routines. Heming has stated that brain health was not something she had heard of before experiencing the issues herself. She decided to delve deeper into the subject and try different supplements and vitamins, eventually creating her own brand.

Make Time Wellness is not just a brand, it’s a movement to spread awareness about brain health and eliminate the associated stigmas. Heming also believes that it is essential for young people to adopt healthy lifestyle habits to reduce the risk of eventual brain diseases.

Helping Families Affected by Alzheimer’s Disease

Hilarity for Charity is a non-profit organization that is supported by Make Time Wellness in caring for families affected by Alzheimer’s disease and supporting research and education on brain health. Heming believes that with the implementation of this new initiative, it is important to help young people learn to have a healthy lifestyle to reduce the risk of developing brain diseases in the future.

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