Bruno de Merlí finally confesses the conflict for which he left the series

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Fans of Brunol feel a great emptiness for the destiny that was given to the couple in Merlí: Know Aude.

Bruno (David Solans) and Pol (Carlos Cuevas) became the most popular couple Merlin when it premiered in 2015. They also became one of the most iconic gay stories on TV in recent years.

At the end of the series in 2018, everyone was satisfied when the plot closed as the best love stories: happily married.

When the Pol-centric spin-off was announced, everyone saw the opportunity to explore the relationship and find out how they came to be together, details that were not seen in Merlí as the ending had a jump in time.

Yes, Bruno was in Merlí: Sapere aude, but at what cost?

The first season surprised by showing that once in college Pol fell in love with another boy, who was even heterosexual.

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Brunol it was on standby and for the second season, without any explanation, it was not in the plot.

During an interview on La Brúixola d’estiu radio, David Solans explained the reasons why he left the project. “In the first season I felt that he was very present in the marketing campaigns and in the posters,” said the 25-year-old actor. “On the script it had more scenes, but afterwards the character kind of strayed a lot from the project because sequences were cut out.”

It was then that Solans set the conditions to stay. Check out the video above in more detail.

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