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Bryan Abasolo Rejects $10K, Demands More From Rachel Lindsay

Bryan Abasolo Rejects $10K, Demands More From Rachel Lindsay

New court documents in the contentious divorce between Bachelorette alum Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo reveal he rejected her $10,000 spousal support offer and is demanding a higher amount. Here’s more on the details revealed and the tension escalating between the two.

Bachelor Nation fans were taken aback when Bryan Abasolo filed for divorce from Rachel Lindsay earlier this year. The divorce papers, submitted on January 2, 2024, listed New Year’s Eve 2023 as their separation date. Rachel Lindsay expressed in recent court filings that she was blindsided by the divorce, learning about it through a text message.

However, Bryan Abasolo contests this claim. According to PEOPLE magazine, he stated that he filed for divorce because he no longer trusted Rachel and had endured years of what he described as her verbal manipulation. He did not expound on the allegations of verbal abuse.

Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo/Credit: ABC YouTubeRachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo/Credit: ABC YouTube
Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo/Credit: ABC YouTube

In addition to these allegations, he also accused Rachel of excluding him from her networking events and described her “jet-setting career” as something that frequently took her away from their home while he stayed behind.

In May, Bryan Abasolo filed for emergency spousal support, raising the financial stakes in their ongoing divorce proceedings. Rachel Lindsay recently proposed a spousal support offer of nearly $10,000 a month, but Bryan rejected it, claiming it was insufficient to cover his expenses given his limited income.

Bryan, who reportedly earns only $1,341 per month, stated that he has “nothing left” after paying bills and other expenses. Consequently, he is demanding a spousal support amount of $16,275 monthly, arguing that he had become accustomed to a particular standard of living during their marriage that he does not wish to relinquish.

Further adding to the complexity, Bryan acknowledged in his filings that Rachel had managed most of their financial responsibilities during their marriage. He recalled Rachel’s agreement to cover the majority of their living expenses until he could contribute regularly.

Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay - The Jennifer Hudson Show - YouTubeBachelorette Rachel Lindsay - The Jennifer Hudson Show - YouTube
Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay – The Jennifer Hudson Show – YouTube

Despite the financial arrangement they had during their marriage, Rachel appears to be no longer willing to carry her estranged husband’s expenses or his mounting legal fees. With both parties in a standoff over spousal support, this divorce battle seems far from a resolution.

The former couple never had children during their relatively brief marriage, which further complicates how the legal teams might negotiate terms in this high-profile divorce.

Share your thoughts on whether Bryan Abasolo’s demands for spousal support are reasonable. Do you believe Rachel Lindsay’s offer was fair?

Source: PEOPLE