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BTS Fans Sell Out $27,000 Bracelet in Under Two Hours

BTS fans, known as ARMY, have once again showcased their immense influence by selling out a $27,000 bracelet within hours.

On Monday, July 8, Jin, the eldest member of BTS, announced his new partnership with the French jewelry company FRED. “Grateful to be part of the FRED family as the Global Brand Ambassador,” Jin shared on Instagram.

Soon after Jin’s announcement, fans quickly noticed that the jewelry pieces he flaunted during the photoshoot were flying off the shelves.

“The way Seokjin was announced as Fred jewelry ambassador less than 2 hours ago, and already the bracelet he was wearing in the denim look (which is worth $27,127) is now SOLD OUT on [the] official website!!” a fan tweeted.

While some fans celebrated, others voiced criticism. One fan questioned the priorities of those spending such amounts on jewelry instead of focusing on more pressing issues, dubbing them as “mindless sheep consumers.”

Another fan made light of the situation, replying, “People who are buying $27k jewelry aren’t on Twitter arguing with y’all.”

Adding fuel to the already blazing news, another fan tweeted, “Should we tell her that even the 97k necklace is also sold out…”

Not only did the necklace and bracelet sell out, but fans also managed to crash the brand’s website. They even sold out other items and caused a significant spike in the brand’s Instagram following, which soared past 200,000.

In a celebratory Instagram post on Monday, FRED stated, “Maison FRED is pleased to announce its new Global Brand Ambassador: Jin of 21st-century pop icons BTS. Both considerate and committed, with a perpetual smile and a great sense of humor, the eternal lover of life perfectly embodies the spirit of Maison FRED. His collaboration with The Sunshine Jeweler promises to shine with a unique sparkle.”

This collaboration marks one of Jin’s first significant endeavors following the completion of his mandatory military service in June. Having left for military duty in late 2022, Jin is the first BTS member to finish his service.

The influence and dedication of the BTS ARMY is nothing short of remarkable, consistently demonstrating their unwavering support for the global superstars in every possible way. Whether it’s buying out high-end jewelry or dominating social media conversations, their fervor seldom goes unnoticed.

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