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BTS Photo Reveals Gibbs' Love Interest, Lala Dominguez, in Origins

BTS Photo Reveals Gibbs’ Love Interest, Lala Dominguez, in Origins

Mariel Molino has already given fans of the “NCIS” franchise a few interesting tidbits through her Instagram Stories. Notably, she shared an image of an “NCIS: Origins” script featuring a Metallica Easter egg, which hinted that Gibbs might have been into heavy metal music at some point in his life. However, devoted viewers of “NCIS” don’t need social media clues to piece together one critical aspect of the new series: Gibbs’ relationship with Lala can’t endure for the long haul.

“NCIS: Origins” seems to be set after the tragic murder of Gibbs’ first wife and daughter. Given this timeline, Gibbs will likely be in an emotionally turbulent state. The connection that develops between him and Lala could be the spark that helps him begin to heal. Despite this, fans already know that Gibbs gets married three more times after his first wife’s passing, and each marriage ends in divorce. Since Lala Dominguez is not mentioned as being one of his wives, their relationship can’t progress too far.

This raises an intriguing question: what becomes of Lala in the present day, considering she has never been mentioned in the extensive arc of “NCIS”? One dark possibility is that Lala could meet a tragic end during the events of “NCIS: Origins,” leaving a wound so deep for Gibbs that he refrains from ever mentioning her again. Another, more compelling scenario could involve introducing Lala in “NCIS: Origins” and later bringing an older version of her character into the ongoing “NCIS” series. This would offer a fresh dynamic to the show, featuring someone uniquely connected to Gibbs despite his absence from the team.

Fingers crossed that Agent Lala gets a meaningful storyline in “NCIS: Origins” before eventually parting ways with Gibbs, however that separation occurs.

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