BTS: the dark but hilarious story about Let Me Know that is very popular in the ARMY

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One of the bands that continues to be at the top since their debut in 2013 is BTS O ”Bangtan Boys” consisting of the five singers V, Suga, Jungkook, Jin, RM, Jimin, and J-Hope. This group has millions of fans, who together form the most influential fandom in the world: the ARMY.

Due to their great fame and recognition, much has been said about the methods young people would have used to achieve all that they have. From diabolical pacts and be part of illuminated suits, people do not stop arguing on this subject without having any proof other than the support that their followers give them.

Although they have danceable and energetic themes, certain parts of a video have been related to gloomy symbols, causing enormous fear among their listeners. If you want to know what it is about, keep reading.

He was a member of the ARMY who analyzed the video clip of the song “Let Me Know’’ and found something terrifying. According to the young woman, she was analyzing the songs of the boy band when she came to the aforementioned topic and edited the sounds until she discovered something that left her speechless.

By altering the music he managed to turn the voices of the singers upside down, which revealed a subliminal message that in a few words invoke satan. With a basic command of Korean, the young woman said that she recognized a series of sounds that clearly simulated a diabolical pact And although this was not believed by the rest of the fans, everything changed with the statements of one of the members of the band.

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It was RM who confessed in an interview that something strange happened in one of the rehearsal rooms. The singer said that the room in question had a piano where his colleagues used to place some objects on it, however one day, things changed places or appeared scattered on the floor and after reviewing the security tapes, they found no explanation for this incident .

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