BTS: what Jungkook bought with his first salary when he was 15 years old

BTS is the most successful and popular K-Pop group of the moment. Since entering the competitive music market in 2013, the boy band consisting of Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook has not only gained fame, but also fortune.

Nowadays, the famous South Korean group is worth more than 36 billion dollars a yearaccording to a study by the Hyundai Research Institute, published in the South China Morning Post.

Jungkook, the minor member of BTSBefore officially debuting in the band and having the fortune of now, he was working part time. What he did with his first salary shocked the ARMY, who now have one more reason to love it.

Before officially debuting with BTS in 2013, Jungkook, with only 15 years, he divided his day between rehearsals, school, and a part-time job. According to his old Twitter account, the “Golden Maknae” he gave his mother a very special gift thanks to his first salary.

The singer wrote that after a long time he was able to go shopping and eat delicious, he also bought his mother clothes with his own money. This gesture moved the ARMYs, as many people decide to spend their money on themselves, but Jungkook thought of his mother.

Since then, thanks to his talent, effort and dedication, the artist has been able to buy really luxurious things, such as his apartment in the exclusive area of ​​Seoul Forest Trimage for which he paid 1,950,000 won.

The minor member of BTS is the most popular idol among K-Pop fans. But nevertheless, Jungkook has no Instagram account. Most of the accounts where his name appears are profiles that followers create to share photographs of him or updates on his activities, but they are not official nor are they managed by the singer.

Before debuting together with his fellow BTS members, Jungkook had some love affairs with girls he met at school. After his official presentation in the boy band, the singer was romantically related to some K-Pop idols, a tattoo artist and even a friend with whom he went out to eat, but they were only rumors.

Until now Jungkook doesn’t have a girlfriend and apparently his heart will not be busy for a long time, since he is very focused on his work. But nevertheless, the artist does not close himself to love And once he shared the traits that he looks for in a girl: that she has a healthy figure, that she is good at cooking, that she be funny and intelligent.

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