BTS: when do they start their military service and what will happen to the group – MAG.

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BTS: when do they start their military service and what will happen to the group - MAG.

¿BTS fired for military service? The most famous k-pop group with an army of millions of fans, is at a crossroads because its membersThey are already of the age to roll up as required by law in South Korea. What will happen to the band? Will they have a life preserver?

Military service is a mandatory procedure in South Korea that men between the ages of 18 and 28 carry out, for a period of two years. HYBE, however, has been managing the possibility of being able to postpone the dates or exonerate the members of this duty, taking into account the social impact that BTS has had.

It was believed that BTS could be exonerated from performing his military service, but this was questioned and here we tell you the details.

A subcommittee of the South Korean National Defense Commission began discussions on September 9 on whether to accept that an amendment to South Korean laws is only for a small group of people.

The commission filed a complaint against the same South Korean Defense Ministry Due to the recent implementation of the so-called BTS Military Service Exemption Law, which allows male artists who have managed to improve the reputation of that country, not to do service in the army, contrary to what it is for the rest of the population.

In case the amendment to the law is rejected so that the Septuagint is exonerated from performing their service, they will have to begin as soon as possible to say goodbye to their fans to enlist and fulfill their obligations as citizens.

The group BTS, in any case, have not denied the possibility of providing services to their country, which lives in constant tension with North Korea. The possibility of leaving member by member to perform their service or also that they all leave at the same time is being considered, since they have recently released their album Butter. What will the ARMY say?

South Korea has some exceptions when it comes to military service. This can occur in the case of professional athletes who have won an international medal and, therefore, should not do military service. It also applies in the case of classical musicians who have won a competition. Similarly, if the person has an unfinished high school or serious physical or psychological problems, they could be exempted from performing military service.

The group BTS has only reached a consensus where artists can postpone this process until they turn 30 years old. This is because, in 2018, they were decorated for their cultural and musical contributions, in recognition of their accelerated rise and all the records they have broken in their career.

The BTS member closest to the 29-year-old Jin’s military service date. The HYBE company, in September 2020, said that Seokjin will enter the Army at the end of 2021, the deadline for the artist to fulfill his duty.

Jin, the BTS member, had this to say about his military service in South Korea. “As a citizen of South Korea, enlistment is a fact and when the country calls me I will respond with pleasure. I am planning to sign up when the time comes (…) The members and I have discussed this issue often and we all agreed that we want to fulfill our duty to perform compulsory military service ”.

All BTS members are within the established range for active duty military service from 1992 to 1997. These are the ages of the members of the k-pop band.

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