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BTS: who is RM’s sister who could become Jimin’s girlfriend

As the members of BTS They have known each other for almost a decade, the bond they maintain is practically that of a family, where some friendships stand out more than others, such as RM and Jimin. After all, the rapper helped his partner write “Promise,” one of his most important and saddest songs.

RM and Jimin They are two of the most celebrated members of the group, as well as great cronies. Such is the camaraderie they share that the former would gladly accept Jimin dating his younger sister. Apparently, the leader of Bangtan totally trusts the South Korean singer, songwriter, model and dancer.

In itself, the members of have praised on more than one occasion the personality of Jimin, whom they have described as a nice and kind-hearted boy. In some interviews, they have even admitted that if they had a sister, they would not hesitate to introduce her to them.

RM thinks Jimin is nice, respectful and knows how to take care of a girl, so she would like him to become her brother-in-law. But who is this young woman who is so talked about and who could be the envy of many others?

Kim Geong Min or -Kim Kyung Min- is the younger sister of Kim Nam-joon. What do we know about her? Not really much, due to RM being very jealous and protective of her. It is only reported, according to the same ARMY, that he was born in 1997. That is, he is 24 years old.

In addition, his birthday is presumed on June 13, the same day of the anniversary of . Where did this data come from? When the South Korean group celebrated its seventh anniversary, in the middle of a visit to the program “DJ Suga’s Honey FM”, the rapper took the opportunity to greet his sister on her birthday.

On that occasion, the members of BTS They got excited about the happy coincidence, talked about it, and congratulated Kim Geong Min, who is also a great admirer of the musical work of Bangtan.

Although there is no more information about the young woman who could become the girlfriend of Jimin, there is probably a good relationship between them, as the idol family have known each other over the years and they tend to get along.

Kim Nam-joon, better known by his stage name RM, is one of the spokespersons for self-love in the group. For him it is vital to share with the public how important it is to love themselves; so he gave a moving speech during the first appearance of BTS at the UN General Assembly, where it motivated people to feel proud of who they are. This is how he is one of the official spokesmen of the group and has not hesitated to tell about the bad experience he had with his first partner.

The 27-year-old singer opened his heart during a visit to the South Korean talk show “Problematic Man”, where various topics are discussed. RM He shared the story of when he had a relationship with a classmate from his study center, several years before debuting with the boyband. The young woman who struck his heart was one of the most popular at her school, with whom he finally began a courtship.

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