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BTS’s Jin to join as South Korea torchbearer for Paris 2024 Olympics

(CNN) — K-pop star Jin, a member of the supergroup BTS, will participate as a torchbearer for South Korea in the Olympic torch relay for this year’s Games, according to a statement from his talent agency on Wednesday.

“Jin will take part in the Olympic Torch Relay to spread the message of ‘harmony’ and ‘peace,'” HYBE said.

“Jin along with the other torchbearers are scheduled to go across various historic sites of the host country,” the agency added, noting that a specific schedule has not been announced yet.

The singer-songwriter, who is the eldest member of BTS, was discharged from the military after completing his mandatory service in June.

The flame for the Paris Games was lit in Olympia, Greece – the birthplace of the ancient Olympics – back in April. The flame, which has been traveling in a relay ever since, will light the cauldron to mark the opening of the Summer Games.

It is expected to be passed from hand to hand by some 10,000 torchbearers and reach the Olympic cauldron in Paris on July 26, where it will remain lit until the Closing Ceremony two weeks later.

France soccer international and four-time Champions League winner Raphaël Varane has been one of the well-known faces to complete a leg.

Relays over the years have included many adventurous journeys; the flame has been right around the world, gone into space, traveled underwater and even scaled Everest.

The flame will also light the Paralympic Games, which take place from August 28 to September 8, where 1,000 torchbearers will help relay the torch across 50 French towns and cities.

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Jin, a member of South Korean K-pop supergroup BTS, will be one of this year’s Olympic torchbearers.

Source: CNN