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Typhoon Mawar wreaks havoc on Guam

Typhoon Mawar hit Guam with winds of up to 225 kilometers per hour, leaving the Pacific island without power, smashed windows, and flooded buildings. The slow and destructive typhoon was the worst storm to hit the territory in decades. As Mawar moves away from Guam in a northwesterly direction, tens of thousands of residences are still without electricity, and the authorities have yet to assess the damage.

Typhoon watch still in effect

Most of Guam remains under a typhoon watch on Thursday, with destructive gusts and strong surf predicted. Sailing conditions are still “catastrophic” for small boats and “extremely dangerous” for large boats, even up to Friday, according to the National Weather Service. The residents of Guam sought refuge as the typhoon passed through the northern region at wind speeds of up to 225 kilometers per hour.

Damaged infrastructure

The population of approximately 170,000 residents is still reeling from the typhoon’s aftermath as electricity and other basic utilities are yet to be restored. The Guam Power Authority considers sending repair crews too risky. Hence, residents had to spend a long, dark night under dangerous inclement weather conditions. Moreover, the Dusit Thani Guam Resort, a 30-story hotel with about 300 guests, had to secure its front door with boards and bags of concrete.

US military base

The National Weather Service warned of a triple threat, including rain, raging winds, and life-threatening storms, as the typhoon moved over Guam. Around 21,700 US service members and their families based at or near various facilities in Guam had to endure the dangerous inclement weather. The territory regularly houses nuclear submarines, long-range bombers, and electronic listening posts, while US bases also store some of the largest ammunition and fuel depots in the Pacific region. About 60 flights scheduled to arrive or depart from Guam between Tuesday and Thursday were canceled due to the typhoon.

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Biden declares a state of emergency

Concerned about the safety of the people, US President Joe Biden declared a state of emergency on Tuesday to provide federal aid quickly and efficiently.

Typhoon Mawar’s destructive power has left Guam with severe damage to its infrastructure. The residents are recovering, but the effects of the typhoon will be felt for a long time to come.

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