Bungie employees talk about a previous culture of sexism and crunch

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Surely these are good times for Bungie these days, in which they will probably breathe easy as they have disengaged from Activision in time, but there was a time when things were not so calm in the studio that created Halo and Destiny. This stems from an extensive article published on IGN, in which they speak with Bungie veterans, current and former employees, who claim that a “boy culture”, sexism and crunch was established, something that luckily, everyone emphasizes that it has changed.

According to what they say, there is a team especially affected by these bad practices, and it is the narrative team, which would have experienced “Toxic leadership, crunch problems, and times of unmanageable separation of ideas from the old Bungie culture and the new“, for at least five or six years. All the members of the study with whom they have spoken, and have belonged to this division assure that the problems go back to the development of the first Destiny. They speak, among other things, of an unbreathable environment during the project and an increasingly toxic environment, with a leader who even threw a chair against a window claiming that everyone was ruining his creative vision of the project.

Other times at Bungie

Even with everything, that leader would continue in Bungie for several years, leaving later and being invited to return later, also participating in the development of Destiny 2. His character would not change much, since they say that frequently, and despite not being part of the leadership, He showed his anger as he felt that the writers of the sequel were deviating from their vision of the original installment.

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More: a leader of that time is described by anonymous sources as a “sexist nightmare”, who shouted and threw papers across the table in meetings. Furthermore, some of the interviewees assure that on the way to the dubbing recording sessions he would rewrite some lines, as it happened that some scriptwriters discovered it when they were already recorded. When complaining about this behavior, this person in question claimed that they needed to learn to accept criticism, even calling a woman an “unmanageable bitch”, and there is even someone who speaks of him as “literally, the worst person I have ever worked with” .

The article is really long, but it is also worth highlighting the reaction of Bungie to the recent controversy that arose around Activision, from which in the study they wanted to dissociate themselves from those behaviors. Reaction from Bungie employees was mixed., since while some were disappointed when they did not glimpse any hint of regret, there were others who recognized that there is an effort to change things.

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