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Bunnie XO Discusses Her Vanilla Sex Life with Husband Jelly Roll

Jelly Roll and Bunnie XO might be on fire in their careers right now, but their sex life is a little less fiery than fans might think.

On the latest episode of her “Dumb Blonde” podcast posted Tuesday (July 9), the 44-year-old entrepreneur opened up about her not-so-NSFW affairs with the “Son of a Sinner” singer. “My husband is so vanilla,” she put it plainly. “He doesn’t like any of that s–t. He is like, ‘Just ride me and get off.’”

Even so, Bunnie said it’s rare that the couple ever has enough energy to get spicy. “We’re so busy,” she continued. “The last thing we ever think about is sex — I mean, I think about it all the time and I’m sure he does too — but we are just so busy and so tired. We love crawling into bed and just watching a TV show together. That’s like foreplay to us.”

Bunnie also recently shared other news about their personal life, revealing that they’re trying to conceive a baby, but through in vitro fertilization. “I’m in my baby mama gardening era,” she said on a previous episode of “Dumb Blonde” earlier this month. “Anyone who has struggled with infertility, all you really want is people rooting you on.”

On the latest episode of her podcast, Bunnie was also candid about her husband’s body image struggles. The country star has been open about his fitness journey in the past, and recently ran his first-ever 5K with his wife by his side.

“He’s such a cute little squishy baby,” Bunnie said of Jelly. “I just feel like, because he is in front of such a huge audience critiquing him all the time, he always feels like he has to hide behind jackets and flannels. I’m like, ‘Baby, you don’t gotta do that. Just be the little squish that you are.’”

Listen to Bunnie chat about her husband below.

Source: Particle News