Burger King trolls Álvaro Morata for missing a penalty in the Eurocup and the joke is expensive in the networks

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The fast food chain Burger King Spain improvised a joke at the expense of the penalty missed this Wednesday by the forward of the Spanish team Álvaro Morata, but many Internet users did not see the grace and responded with strong criticism of the company.

This Wednesday Spain thrashed 5-0 to Slovakia on the third day of Group E of Euro 2020, but in the 12th minute, when the match was still 0-0, Morata missed a shot from the penalty spot.

The Burger King Spain Twitter account reacted to the ruling, publishing an image of a hamburger with a large portion of pickles accompanied by the message: “When you order a Whopper without pickles and Morata attends you“.

That joke did not like some netizens, who did not hesitate to rate her from “vergozosa” and of “disrespect”. “Worry more about your company and apologize would not be bad“, answered a user to the Burger King post. “That easy humor may make sense for a simple tweeter, but for an international brand / company it is unnecessary”, commented a second surfer. “The lack of respect in this tweet is incredible. For a company like Burger King Spain to do this”, he lamented another user.

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