Busquets breaks into tears in the interview after the victory of Spain

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Sergio Busquets appeared at the foot of the field after the victory of Spain in view of Slovakia, which gives the national team a pass to the round of 16, as second in the group. The international, one of the most prominent of the win, was excited and couldn’t hold back the tears after a few hard days with a confinement included, when testing positive for coronavirus.

“The truth is that we didn’t do the matches we wanted and today has been a rush for everyone. This is the way. This will strengthen us all“Said Busquets, visibly moved and profound in his words.

«Yes, I am excited, because I’ve had a bad time, days at home, I didn’t know if I could go back. The group is very strong, it has made us grow ”, acknowledged the captain of the Spanish team, who was confined at the beginning of the concentration when testing positive for coronavirus.

«The public has been very good, we’ve plugged in from the start. The penalty was a shame but the team kept trying and that luck that we have not had in other games we have had in the first goal with their goalkeeper, “added Busquets, analyzing the game and Spain’s success against Slovakia. . «We accept criticism but not disrespect of people who do not know how difficult this is ”, completed the ‘5’.

Busquets at a press conference

Key moment

“From the second goal on it has been key. When you put that advantage and you feel good you give a plus ”.

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Penalty failure

“Only the one who throws it fails. You had to be positive ”.

How do you feel

“I felt fine, although it was very hot. In general I have felt good. Just before the change, my cufflinks went up a bit and we didn’t want to risk it. Hopefully we can continue adding minutes and feeling that good. Today has been one more step and I hope that I can be at the disposal of the coach for the second round and everything that comes ”.


“I have felt a lot of pride. They were not easy days because it depends on a negative PCR. There were colleagues who had had it after 10 days and others after 20. I had uncertainty and really wanted to experience a European Championship, which will be the last. I was able to live and coexist with them what it is to experience a European Championship. I needed it for this group and for what I like to represent my country ”.

Good moment

“Today yes, for sure. Hopefully we can continue in this line. What we have done is good for us to take minutes. We focus on the first, runner-up in the world ”.


“They have had some casualties, but they have young players who are helping them a lot. They are joined by a great coach with his captain, who we have very much seen in the League. It’s going to be difficult, but we have to watch our game. We are a team that costs a lot to beat ”.

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