Bye-Bye Beer Belly: How Men Can Shed Stubborn Fat

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The popularity of dieting and weight loss has been rising as of late. In fact, the number of Americans who reported following a diet increased by 13% this year. Some of the most common eating patterns include clean eating, mindful eating, calorie counting, and plant-based diets. The number of people who are trying low-carbohydrate eating plans like the Ketogenic Diet is also increasing.

Going on these diets can help individuals achieve different fitness goals. Some may be focused on their overall weight, while others might want to work on specific targets. One such concern is the beer belly, which is excess abdominal fat that is typically very difficult to get rid of. If you’re one of those people who struggle with stubborn belly fat, then these tips are for you:

Have a balanced diet

For weight loss and fat loss, having the right diet is crucial. A study published in the National Library of Medicine explains how there is no single best strategy for weight management. While observing a calorie deficit is crucial for weight loss, results vary on whether low-carb or low-fat diets are most effective. Instead, the researchers highlighted the need for individualized weight loss strategies.

WeightWatchers explains that personalized weight loss plans for men don’t involve fads, gimmicks, or limitations. Everything you want to eat is still available and catered to your needs and preferences, providing you with a more balanced diet. Good weight loss plans also don’t require you to track or measure every spoonful. This gives you freedom in what you eat while guiding you towards better diet choices that will help you reach your goals, including getting rid of that beer belly.

Reduce alcohol intake

The reason excess belly fat is called a “beer belly” cannot be blamed on beer alone. Consuming too much of any type of alcohol can contribute to a growing belly because these drinks contain extra calories. If you intend to shed your stubborn belly fat, then consider drinking alcohol in moderation.

In fact, the CDC recommends limiting alcohol intake to two drinks or less in a day for men to reduce harmful alcohol-related consequences. It also encourages people to abstain from drinking where possible. The less you drink, the fewer extra calories you’ll consume, allowing you to avoid gaining belly fat. You will also enjoy the health benefits of drinking less alcohol, such as lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Practice better sleep hygiene

Aside from nutrition and physical activity, there is one other thing that can help reduce belly fat: adequate sleep. In fact, WebMD discusses research that revealed how too little sleep can slow down fat loss by as much as 55%, even though calorie intake was constant. Not only that, but people who got less sleep felt hungrier and less satiated after meals with significantly less energy.

Practicing good sleep hygiene then becomes essential for fat burning and overall weight loss. Start by sticking to a bedtime as well as keeping a regular pre-sleep routine. Avoiding daytime naps is recommended, as is consuming too many caffeinated beverages. Having a quiet and comfortable bedroom environment is also conducive to getting better quality sleep.

The Bottom Line

Getting rid of stubborn fat is challenging but not impossible. By getting good quality sleep, reducing your alcohol intake, and eating a healthy and balanced diet, you can trim your waistline one inch at a time. Just remember that it’s a process that takes time and dedicated effort.

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