C-Kan: how his brother Ruff died

He lived a drama. The Mexican rapper, C-Kan has revealed how his brother was killed. The artist told the real version of the events that led to the death of Juan Daniel Maldonado Ramos, alias Ruff. Here we tell you other details of the fact that has been on everyone’s lips in recent days.

Through his official Instagram account, Jose Luis Maldonado Ramos, better known C-Kan gave for minors than was the death of his relative, last Tuesday, July 13. In this space, Maldonado Ramos confessed that finally it was shots in the back that ended Ruff’s life.

“We were at a soccer game. It wasn’t in his neighborhood, it wasn’t on Court 98, it wasn’t a bullet in the head, it wasn’t a bullet in the chest. It was elsewhere, in his neighborhood he was untouchable, in his neighborhood they loved him (…) they shot him in the back, when we were leaving, when we retired they threw us in the back, said the interpreter of “The Past Is Forgotten.”

Until then, C-Kan had stayed on the sidelines and preferred not to talk about it. However, this time in the transmission that he made on his account, he showed his real feelings, even releasing some tears.

Meanwhile, C-Kan tried to explain to his followers that he did not have the courage to show his face, preferring to reflect and pray for his brother’s soul. “Why haven’t I spoken out about what happened? I think that when someone dies they no longer have social networks or Instagram or anything, right? It’s time to tell him, it’s time to pray to him, you have to believe that they are listening to you to place all those things you want to say “, he claimed.

The singer, a native of Guadalajara, also stressed that one of the things that worries him most now is the three children his brother leaves behind. “They took the best brother that God could have put in this world, and that hurts really good bastard. They took a guy with a shitload of dreams, with three little faces that are my nephews, who have the same face “, He said.

Finally, C-Kan decided to send a message to all those who have made fun of him at the loss of his brother Ruff: “To all the people who have found at this moment a reason to make fun of me, of my person, of the memory of my brother, I wish with all my heart, with my soul, with my heart in my hand, to all those who They have had the opportunity in these moments to mock, may God never allow them to feel what it feels like to lose a person like him.

Until now the authorities of Jalisco, the city where C-Kan’s brother died, have not commented. The rapper assured that he will show his audience the record production that Ruff, also a singer, came to record. “We had many songs together, every time I get on stage I am going to pay tribute to him. I’m going to make a mural for him on the field that was his neighborhood and I’m going to tell them to pray for him “, he expressed.

Jose Luis Maldonado, known as C-Kan, is a mexican rapperBorn in “Perla Tapatia”, he is one of the most outstanding talents of the genre in Mexico. His main achievements include being the first rap singer to get more than 100 million views of one of his songs: “Vuelve”.

Unlike other collaborations, the rapper bets on themes away from violence and drugs, fusing his style and with the Mexican regional.

Juan Daniel Maldonado Ramos, brother of the renowned Mexican rapper C-Kan, was known as Ruff And he was also dedicated to rapping, on some occasions he has recorded videos and given interviews with his brother.

Ruff and C-kan began their careers together in early 2000, but then each continued their way in the world of music.

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