C-Library: Libzip 1.8 creates ZIP files with Zstandard compression

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Libzip 1.8 has been released and provides support for compressing ZIP files according to the ZIP file format standard (Zstandard). The new version of the C library for editing, creating and modifying ZIP archives introduces a number of new features and APIs.

The main innovation is that Libzip can now handle files that are compressed according to Zstandard (Zstd for short). Behind it is an official specification of the ZIP file format, with which the library should now be compatible. According to the release announcement, developers should be able to control the Zstd support at build time. In addition, the release now offers the free data compression algorithm LZMA (Lempel-Ziv-Markow algorithm) in version ID 14.

Also new is the support of multiple APIs and the output of zipcmp should be improved. Empty directories can be found in zipcmp also do not skip when comparing directory listings. According to the editors, the current version provides more information than its predecessors when it comes to detecting inconsistencies in the consistency check, and passing empty strings to the methods zip_file_set_encryption(), zip_fopen_encrypted() and zip_set_default_password() treats it as if no password was assigned. The compiler flags (comp_flags) within zip_set_file_compression() allow specific methods from now on.

More information and the download options as a TAR archive can be found refer to the release message in the libzip blog.


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