C + walkT, this is Toyota’s new electric scooter with three wheels

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It is very possible that you have seen someone riding an electric scooter on the sidewalk or on the road on the streets of your town. There is more and more on the move and it is normal since for many it is a common displacement vehicle. And taking advantage of this fashion Toyota has launched its C + walkT with modular design.

This is the new Toyota vehicle to move through pedestrian areas

You may have seen in a shopping center or large area the center staff go from one place to another on wheels. And it is that before it was the use of two-wheeled skates, worse in some buildings a slightly larger vehicle is needed and of an electric type so as not to emit any type of pollution and that, at the same time, has an optimal speed and size .

This is where the company comes in. Toyota with its new C + walkT electric scooter. The transport consists of a support platform for the user to put their feet or where it leaves a generous space for movement since it has a platform that connects at the rear with two wheels. At the front it has a handlebar that has a near obstacle detection sensor on the front. This is able to automatically reduce the speed up to 2 km / h to avoid a collision. In addition, it will issue an audible and a visual alert to the crew member.

This will appear on the navigation screen on the top of the handlebar, where the steering wheel is housed. And is that unlike conventional scooters this has a grip area that extends through the front joining the two ends of the handlebar. In the central area are the controls with the accelerator, the brakes, the controls for lights and manual audible warnings as well as the information screen. The range and speed will appear here.

Modular system

The interesting thing about C+walkT it is not its characteristics in general, if not its capabilities to be useful. And is that the device is modular, a feature that makes it an all-rounder. The lower part is the one that can be disassembled, giving you other types of possibilities. For example, one of the accessories is a perfect seat to keep the pilot seated, but if we put ourselves in the place of people in a wheelchair, we can use two supports with wheels on the sides and use only the front part as a motor.


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