Caitriona Balfe discussed her true relationship with Sam Heughan outside of Outlander: More than friends?

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Outlander It is one of the series that has impacted the public the most in recent years, so it has a good number of fans who are looking forward to the sixth season. While we wait for the original Starz Play fiction, which can also be seen on the Netflix streaming service, Caitriona Balfe talked about his early years and Sam Heughan, her husband in fiction. How is your relationship?

“Caitriona and I have been on this wonderful journey together for almost seven years. That is why in her I have not only had a bright and sensitive co-star, but also a loyal friend “said the actor first in his book. Although he admitted they have their differences, he made it clear: “She has become a sister and best friend, we always consult each other and I think that makes the show excellent”.

Now the turn to speak was Catherine in a conversation with Gold Derby, where she was consulted by the interpreter of Jamie Fraser and assured: “From day one our screen test together was a chemistry reading and everyone was waiting to see how we would perform together.”. He then revealed why they get along well in front of and off the cameras: “I think we have a very similar approach to life and acting, and we like to fully commit ourselves.”.

She also remembered one of the first scenes in which her character had to escape a fight and Sam inadvertently punches her in the face: “It felt fun. When they yelled ‘cut,’ we both thought, ‘Wow, that got intense.'”. Finally he gave details of those moments: “Sam and I were becoming best friends and we were talking about how we felt that relationship was and why it felt different from the love she had for Frank and what made her special and different.”.

While fans dream that Balfe Y Heughan be a couple in real life, the truth is that she has been married since August 2019 to Anthony McGil, an Irish music producer, and they are just friends. For his part, the actor is single, beyond rumors about his sentimental situation. They have both finished filming the Outlander season six, which will be available early 2022.

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