CaixaBank maintains the most extensive branch network in Spain after integrating 800 branches

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The integration between CaixaBank and Bankia has resulted in the creation of the first financial institution in Spain, with outstanding market shares in most territories and the widest network of branches, ATMs and digital banking in the country.

The resulting entity faces the future with the aim of leading the transformation process of the financial system and, for this, it has an omnichannel distribution model, which combines face-to-face care with remote, to offer a service adapted to the needs of its more than 20 million customers.

CaixaBank now undertakes the integration of more than 800 offices in other branches which, in more than 90% of cases, will be less than 500 meters away and which will allow customers to continue receiving the full range of products and services in a personalized way. A) Yes, the network of physical branches will reach 4,600 at the end of 2021, the most extensive in Spain.

CaixaBank will remain as only financial institution in 389 towns, in which it has agreed to stay to ensure the financial inclusion of its inhabitants. With the aim of informing users affected by the change of branch, the entity is carrying out a process of accompaniment and communication to clients, through physical letters, newsletter, messages push on CaixaBankNow, email and SMS.

Office model store

In addition to conventional branches, the entity has a Store office model, which add up to 625, with extended hours and a greater number of services. In these offices, the client has a personal reference manager, an expert in customer service a specific customer segment, with which you can make an appointment whenever you want, at the time you prefer (uninterrupted opening hours morning and afternoon from Monday to Thursday, from 8.30 a.m. to 6.30 p.m. and on Fridays, from 8.30 a.m. to 2.30 p.m.).

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The Store have also incorporated innovations to facilitate the client’s interview with his manager by booking an appointment, as well as tools that help reduce waiting times.

The aesthetics of the Store offices is different from conventional, with large spaces where physical barriers between customers and employees are eliminated. The office has differentiated areas to serve the customer according to your needs, with a specific area for personalized attention, with the technology necessary for the client and manager to share a screen at all times; differentiated areas for greater privacy (meeting rooms and offices), and zone Store Café.

Remote management

In combination with the branch network, CaixaBank offers a powerful remote service model -digital channels, ATMs and remote personal attention- which is already chosen by more than 71.4% of its clients to carry out their operations.

On the one hand, the entity has CaixaBankNow, one of the digital banking apps considered among the most advanced in the world in its sector, which puts in the hands of clients the possibility of operating and interacting with the entity and even contacting their personal manager through their smartphone any day, at any time and from anywhere without having to go to a physical branch.

CaixaBank’s digital banking has the largest user base in Spain, with more than 10 million people. CaixaBankNow was chosen ‘Best Retail Banking Mobile App in Western Europe 2021’ by the magazine Global Finance. It incorporates innovative services such as Noa, CaixaBank’s virtual assistant, which uses artificial intelligence to resolve customer inquiries, as well as services fintech with clear added value integrated into the operations and that help to make management decisions of personal and investment finances.

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It also includes multiple services card management, ranging from the control of the movements made to the division of purchases, the management of deferred payment or, directly, making payments from the same mobile phone via NFC.

State-of-the-art ATM network

Likewise, customers have at their disposal the largest network of ATMs in Spain. The two entities add more than 12,700 terminals. The ATM network is essential within CaixaBank’s strategy of betting on technology to improve customer service.

CaixaBank will thus continue with the deployment of its latest generation technology for ATMs, with innovations such as facial recognition service, the first in the world designed to offer the possibility of making withdrawals without using the PIN, or the technological platform ATMNow, which allows ATMs to have a digital banking service of the same level of quality, image and service as in the rest of the digital channels.

inTouch, specialized digital managers

For clients who interact with the entity only through digital channels, CaixaBank has developed the inTouch management model, which unites the remote communication tools (video call, voice call, email, WhatsApp, etc.) with the relationship of trust provided by an expert manager. The service is based on the figure of a specialized manager who, supported by CaixaBank’s technological capabilities, can meet customer needs through all kinds of remote channels.

In addition to solving doubts, the client can also receive specialized advice on products and, if they wish, carry out the contracting entirely digitally. The inTouch team has specialists from the various CaixaBank customer segments: Individual banking, Premier Banking, Business and HolaBank (international clients residing in Spain).

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For it, CaixaBank has just reinforced this service with the incorporation of 900 new managers, all of them coming from other positions in the bank, and with the opening of three new centers, located in Córdoba, Huelva and León.

inTouch will add a total team of 2,400 managers and 26 centers. With this structure, inTouch plans to exceed the figure of four million customers in 2022, compared to the 2.2 million it currently has.

Commitment to the territory and financial inclusion

For the rural environment, CaixaBank has other branch models which, within the framework of the reorganization of its network, have a prominent position, while having specialized teams in the tertiary sector that offer their services through AgroBank.

In fact, CaixaBank’s forecast is that, in 2022, 38% of the entity’s offices will be located in towns with less than 10,000 inhabitants. The entity maintains its commitment not to abandon any location in which it is the only financial entity. Thus, it has a presence in more than 2,200 municipalities and in 389 it is the only entity with representation.

In addition, CaixaBank offers special initiatives to reinforce the service in rural areas through mobile branches that provide service to 270,000 people in 430 small municipalities, thus contributing to financial inclusion. This service is provided so far in Castilla y León, Valencian Community, La Rioja, Community of Madrid, Castilla-La Mancha and Andalusia.

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