Call of Duty regains Activision logo after harassment allegations a month later

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The latest trailer for Call of Duty: Vanguard targeting its multiplayer mode has recovered the Activision logo, withdrawn for a whole month in the public promotion campaigns of the long-awaited video game on the same dates that alleged cases of abuse were known within the North American company.

From “Activision presents” we went to “Call of Duty presents”, an unprecedented circumstance in three decades, as the PlayStation players who accessed the Alpha of Call of Duty: Vanguard weeks ago were able to identify. However, the latest trailer brings back the corporate image of the company, Activision, right at the end; Although the complaint filed last July by the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing of the United States is still pending resolution.

What Happened at Activision: Accusations and Highlights Movements

It all started in the past July 20th. The State of California filed a complaint for alleged cases of discriminatory treatment, abuse and inappropriate behavior towards its employees; essentially women, dating from the year 2019. With this lawsuit, the complainants sought to “remedy, prevent and deter violations of civil rights” and that women cease to be absent from all positions of responsibility within Activision. The initial response from the company was distant; But the response of both some employees and the investors themselves resulted in a loss of confidence and a devaluation of their shares on the stock market (a 10% drop in their share value in July at this point).

Within days we learned that more than 2,000 employees gathered to condemn this lukewarm initial response from the company and the abandonment of J. Allen Brack, until now president of Blizzard and critical of the situation.

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Bobby Kotick, CEO of the company, was quick to say that people within the company will be “accountable” for what happened. Days later we learned about the dismissal of Luis Barriga and Jesse McCree, director and chief designer of Diablo IV, joined by Jonathan LeCraftby World of Warcraft. McCree is one of the people who can be identified in the famous photo of the Cosby Suite, that space where all kinds of little exemplary parties took place; especially because they have transcended on social networks. There also appeared Alex Afrasiabi, director of World of Warcraft, who was fired in 2020 for inappropriate behavior.

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