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Call of Duty: Vanguard will bring you war, but will leave your hard drive “alone”

In an advertisement that will please many fans s , Activision has said that Call of Duty: Vanguard it won’t take up as much space on our hard drives as previous games from saga .

The company announced the news in un tweet published in the official Call of Duty Twitter page , indicating that the Vanguard installation size at launch it will be “significantly and underworld or to previous releases d e Call of Duty.” . According to Activision, this is due to “the nude On-demand texture transmission technology that it is expected now re up to 30% – 50% in the hard drive of next-gen consoles and PCs. “ .

While the status of next-gen consoles is unclear, it certainly is a very nice setting for PS5, Xbox Series X / S and PC users who expect to play more than a couple of games at the same time on their devices.

This is important when you consider not just the size of the games recent Call of Duty releases, but also well how they have grown throughout your business life along with Battle mode Royale from Call of Duty, Warzone. When Call of Duty was released: Black Ops Cold War, it took about 100 GB of space depending on the platform in which I played them res had the game. S However, with each new season of content that its developers have released, game file size has continued to grow, expanding greatly from its initial size. B basically, have this year’s COD installed together with Warzone with Warzone , it requires a large part of the hard disk space of a console.

While an announcement stating that Vanguard’s launch size will be significantly smaller than other recent games in the franchise is something to celebrate, players may still consider that this size will likely increase over time.

In other news of the saga, recently we have told you O that he new Ricochet system from Call of Duty Vanguard and Warzon e has leaked , but it could be a trap for cheaters.

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